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Food Network’s 2023 Holiday Schedule for Thanksgiving and Christmas

It’s actually impressive to see the amount of entertainment we take around the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without their respective lists of shows and movies, especially our favorite Thanksgiving TV episodes and the Christmas flicks. So, when Food Network released their holiday schedule, we just couldn’t help but jump for joy.

The network is home to some of the yummiest, most highly anticipated holiday specials, so consider this schedule your perfect Christmas gift and Thanksgiving present all in one. We’ve got our staple specials like Christmas Cookie Challenge (featuring none other than Ree Drummond herself!) and several holiday episodes of Chopped. But adding on to that, we’re also welcoming some new shows to the list, like Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidaysstarring Disney Channel icon, Selena Gomez.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Food Network’s 2023 holiday schedule below, including premiere dates for each show or special. And don’t forget to take notes while you watch—you’re sure to find inspiration for your own Thanksgiving menus and Christmas treats.

food network holiday schedule ree drummond

Rob Pryce / Food Network

The Big Bake

Dates: Monday, November 6 at 11 pm EST, Monday, November 13 at 11 pm EST

Healthy Food

WHO recommends stronger policies to protect children from the harmful impact of food marketing

WHO has released a new guideline on policies to protect children from the harmful impacts of food marketing. The guideline recommends countries implement comprehensive mandatory policies to protect children of all ages from the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages that are high in saturated fatty acids, trans-fatty acids, free sugars and/or salt (HFSS).

More than 10 years after Member States endorsed WHO’s recommendations on the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages to children in 2010, children continue to be exposed to powerful marketing of HFSS foods and non-alcoholic beverages, consumption of which is associated with negative health effects.

The updated recommendation is based on the findings of reviews of recent evidence, including how exposure to and the power of food marketing affects children’s health, eating behavior, and food-related attitudes and beliefs. In short, food marketing remains a threat to public health and continues to negatively affect children’s food choices, intended choices and their dietary intake. It also negatively influences the development of children’s norms about food consumption.

The recommendation is also based on a systematic review of the evidence on policies to restrict food marketing, including on contextual factors. Policies to restrict food marketing suggest are shown to


Local chef shares freezer meals that are perfect for batch cooking

TODAY is National Frozen Food Day. The day recognizes the benefits that freezing fruits, vegetables and meats to preserve them has on our modern lives.

To celebrate the day each year, on March 6, people take a look at how frozen food impacts our daily lives, the history of frozen food and how far the practice has come.

We spoke to local chef Karyn Smith about frozen food ideas that people can make.

Pigs in Blankets – a porkie, bacon, mushrooms, cheese and spring onion mash wrapped inside pastry.

She said one of her favorites is Pigs in Blankets as they are yummy and easy to freeze.

“You can make a bulk batch and freeze it for quick dinners with gravy and veg or just a lunchbox treat.

“The latest version I made was with bacon, mushrooms, cheese, spring onion mash and a porkie wrapped in homemade or easy store-bought puff pastry.”

With Pigs in Blankets, Smith says you can use anything as a filling for a quick and easy puff.

“Leftover roast chicken and gravy is also a delicious version.”

The chef said she has a freezer full of frozen meals and sells them as a sideline business in


Why Is Her Pop-Tarts Recipe Trending?

Fans are asking why Taylor Swift‘s pop-tarts recipe is trending. They are also wondering what that recipe is. Here is all you need to know.

What is Taylor Swift’s pop-tarts recipe?

Taylor Swift’s pop-tarts recipe is not yet known as of this writing. However, the recipe is reportedly homemade.

As reported by People Magazine, the whole trend revolving around Taylor Swift’s pop tarts started with a recent episode of NFL on NBC. There, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid revealed to show hosts Mike Florio and Chris Simms how the 34-year-old All Too Well singer surprised the team with her homemade pop tarts during the season, saying:

“Kind of behind-the-scenes, she, to fit in — she didn’t even know she was doing this, I don’t think — she likes to cook, so she made the offensive linemen homemade Pop-Tarts,”

Florio and Simms were delighted to hear of Taylor Swift’s apparent kindness to the team her boyfriend Travis Kelce plays for. The duo then joked that the singer-songwriter “knew where to go.”

The two show hosts then asked Andy Reid whether he got any pop-tarts from Taylor Swift. The coach revealed that he did not give him any and the

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Target to Debut Paid Membership

On April 7, Target will reintroduce its Target Circle loyalty program, with both free and paid membership options.

The paid option, Target Circle 360, includes unlimited free same-day delivery for orders over $35 in as little as an hour with no delivery fees or markups, free two-day shipping, access to shoppers who can personalize their experience, and access to Shipt Marketplace, which offers same-day delivery from more than 100 retailers nationwide.

It will launch with a special offer for new members for $49 per year from April 7 through May 18. After that, it will cost $99 per year.

The retailer will continue its free-to-join Target Circle option with personalized deals and member-exclusive sales. One improvement, based on member feedback, is that deals will automatically be applied at checkout – members will not have to search for and add individual offers. They can also earn Target Circle Rewards and take advantage of personalized deals through Target Circle Bonuses.

Customers also have the option of saving an extra 5 percent off by applying for a Target Circle Card (previously known as the Target RedCard). Cardholders will have extra time to return items and receive free two-day shipping on items purchased at

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Superchef Darnell Ferguson arrested on assault, burglary charges

"Superchef" Darnell Ferguson appears in Division Twelve Jefferson Circuit Court Monday afternoon in Louisville, Ky.  Ferguson is charged with one count each of first degree burglary, one count of strangulation in first degree, fourth degree assault and terroristic threatening in the third degree, menacing, and criminal mischief.  Ferguson is alleged to have unlawfully entered the apartment of his estranged wife while she was sleeping.  Feb.  26, 2024

Food Network host and former Louisville restauranteur Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson pleaded not guilty Monday to strangulation and burglary charges in connection to allegedly assaulting his estranged wife while attempting to drop off their children at her apartment.

Ferguson, 36, was arraigned in Jefferson County Circuit Court on multiple charges, including felony counts of first-degree burglary and strangulation.

Shortly after Ferguson was indicted by a grand jury earlier this month, his legal counsel Krsna Tibbs released a statement.

Darnell Ferguson (Food Network) holds a cooking seminar on the final day of Bourbon & Beyond on Sunday, September 17, 2023

“Darnell is looking forward to being able to have his day in court and presenting to the jury of his peers, evidence that will show he is innocent of the charges,” Tibbs said. “The law clearly states that the charges do not determine guilt or innocence.”

A protective order was issued Jan. 2 against Ferguson, according to records from Jefferson County Family Court. According to court documents filed in August, Ferguson had previously been ordered to only have limited contact with his wife.

During a pretrial hearing in late January, Detective Mark Richardson with the St. Matthews Police Department testifying as part of the law enforcement team that responded to the Jan. 2 incidents. Richardson had interviewed Ferguson’s wife that day, who claims

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Minimum Temperature Rise Can Cut Frozen Food Emissions

“Frozen food standards have not been updated in almost a century, and they are long overdue for revision.”

– Maha AlQattan

Group chief sustainability officer

DP World

Most frozen food is transported and stored at -18°C (0°F), a standard that was set 93 years ago and has not changed since. Research now suggests that moving to -15°C (5°F) could make a significant environmental impact with no compromise on food safety or quality.

The experts, from the Paris-based International Institute of Refrigeration, the University of Birmingham, and London South Bank University, among others, found that the small change could:

  • Save 17.7 million metric tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent annual emissions of 3.8 million cars annually;
  • Create energy savings of around 25 terawatt-hours (TW/h), equivalent to 8.63% of the United Kingdom’s annual energy consumption; and
  • Cut costs in the supply chain by at least 5% and in some areas by up to 12%.

The research was supported by the leading global logistics firm and principal partner in COP28, DP World, which has set up an industry-wide coalition to explore the feasibility of this change, named Join the Move to -15°C. This coalition aims to


Relay for Life Cook-Off fundraiser returns March 14 | News

For the first time since 2018, the Relay for Life Cook-Off fundraiser is returning to Appomattox. The event will be held March 14 from 5:30 to 7 pm at Memorial Methodist Church, located at 403 Court Street.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit The American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer.

The Cook-Off will feature multiple foods for attendees to sample, provided by more than 30 vendors consisting of local restaurants and individuals, churches and Relay for Life teams. The variety is to include pulled foods such as pork, chimichangas, spaghetti, chicken salad, chili, kielbasa, deviled eggs, egg rolls, chicken casserole, navy beans, potato salad, rice pudding, blueberry biscuits, chips and dips, Tabbouleh, cream cheese cupcakes, eclair cake, peanut butter balls, and more.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 5-10, and free for children under 5.

There’s more to this in the current issue of the Times Virginian newspaper. Support local journalism by purchasing the issue at a local newsstand or subscribing at www.timesvirginian.com/subscriber_services to receive the print edition or view the full article in the e-edition version.


Pop-Tarts asks Taylor Swift for homemade recipe for Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When Taylor Swift isn’t selling out stadiums for “The Eras Tour” or at Kansas City Chiefs games supporting her boyfriend Travis Kelce, she’s baking goodies.

Swift showed off her baking skills by making the Chiefs offensive linemen homemade Pop-Tarts, Head Coach Andy Reid revealed at the NFL Combine.

“He likes to cook, so he made the offensive linemen these homemade Pop-Tarts,” Reid said. “He didn’t give me one, and the offensive linemen definitely didn’t give me one.”

Reid didn’t say when he made the Pop-Tarts for the team.

For years, Swifties have known she likes to bake. She posted her handwritten cookie recipe on Tumblr years ago. You can find that recipe on FOX4.

Since Reid shared that Swift made homemade treats for the team, now the Pop-Tarts company is asking Swift to drop the recipe.

Pop-Tarts posted on Instagram asking Swift for Taylor’s version of the recipe. The company said it would double a $12,500 donation to Harvesters, a Kansas City food bank, if she posted the recipe.

The Instagram post mimicked Swift’s

Healthy Food

Kansas State professor makes healthy food more accessible

OLATHE, Kan. — This Kansas State professor is working to feed the world.

Eleni Pliakoni teaches and researches urban food production and post-harvest handling at K-State’s Olathe campus.

But she’s not just studying better ways to grow crops. She’s also raising the next generation of crop scientists with the mission to make healthy food more accessible to people worldwide.

For Pliakoni, green thumbs run in her family.

“My grandpa was a horticulturalist. My mom was a horticulturalist before she retired,” she said. “I am the third generation, the only one who ended up going to higher education.”

Her love of growing things began when she was a small child in her home country of Greece. She learned while tending the garden alongside her family.

“I grew up surrounded by the love for plants and growing,” Pliakoni said. “And grandpa had this yard, and our summers would be with grandma, eating whatever was in the garden.”

In her college studies, Pliakoni got interested in how important fruit and vegetable crops are for human health — and the challenges that come with that.

Now at K-State’s Olathe campus, she teaches graduate