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Abilene’s Elsie Stark finishes in top 5 of Kids Baking Show

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene native Elsie Stark baked her way into the top five on The Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship, and her time on the show was just a drop in the bucket of the young baker’s talents.

Elsie started helping out in the kitchen at just a year old, when her older brother had started a food business.

Since then, the now 11-year-old has found his passion in the spoonfuls of sugar and the heat of the oven. Christi stark, Elsie’s mom, told KTAB/KRBC once Elsie wanted to start her own business, that was when they knew she was making it for the kitchen.

“When she was really like one, two, three she would help put stuff in the mixer, she would want to be a part of it all, and then as she got older, she wanted to do more of it on her own. “I think when she started her business was when we realized she really had a passion for it because it’s a lot of work,” Stark said.

Elsie’s Awesomes Sweets & Treats was launched in 2021 when she was only eight years old.


‘Release the recipe’ for homemade pastries

Taylor Swift wears a Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce jacket as she arrives before an NFL wild-card playoff football game between the Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins, Saturday, Jan.  13, 2024, in Kansas City, Mo.

Pop-Tarts has got its eye on Taylor Swift’s fruit-filled pastry recipe.

After Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid revealed that the singer, 34, surprised the team with her homemade goodies during the season, Pop-Tarts is asking her to “release the recipe”.

“To KC’s most famous fan, we heard there’s a Pop-Tarts pastry (Your Version) and in its honor, we’re donating to @harvesters, a local Feeding America partner food bank,” the toaster-pastry brand said in an Instagram post Friday. “But if you #releasetherecipe, we’ll double our donation.”

The request was accompanied by a Pop-Tart version of Swift’s Eras Tour poster with the title “Release the Recipe”.

‘They just blew off the shelves’:When were Pop-Tarts invented?

The post quickly became popular among Swifties, who also started requesting their favorite pop star to release the recipe, especially since it was for a good cause.

The brand also put out a full-page ad in the Kansas City Star Friday asking Swift to share the recipe with her fans.

Harvesters said that Pop-Tarts made an initial donation of $12,500 to the non-profit and will double it to $25,000 if Swift drops her recipe.

“Taylor has been a supporter of us in the past,” Harvesters


Two young Powys chefs cook at event at 10 Downing Street

Two apprentices Rosie Koffer and Gabbi Wilson who both worked at Chartists 1770 at The Trewythen in Llanidloes were part of a team who prepared a selection of “mouthwatering savory and sweet canapes” for VIP guests from business, culture and entertainment.

Last month the pair were crowned the first winners of the Culinary Association of Wales’ Green Chef Challenge after only working as chefs for a few months.

READ MORE: Young Powys chefs pick up prestigious new vegetarian cooking award

The team, representing the Culinary Association of Wales (CAW), included five employees from the Celtic Collection including Thomas Beckett, senior sous ICC Wales, Gary Stephens, head chef at Olive Tree, Shekhar Grover, assistant food beverage director, Bryon Burns, senior sous chef at PAD Restaurant and Adam Whittle, cluster head chef at Coldra Court and Ty Newport.

CAW president Arwyn Watkins, OBE, executive chairman of Cambrian Training Company and Trailhead Fine Foods based in Welshpool and Chartists 1770 at The Trewythen, was one of the invited guests.

“It was a real pleasure to attend the reception as a guest on this occasion and the feedback from the fellow guests about the canapes, wine and water was very positive,” he said.


Food Networks

Food Network Host Accused Of Strangulation And Burglary

Celebrity chef and Food Network’s “Superchef Grudge Match” host Darnell Ferguson has pleaded not guilty to strangling a woman after he was arrested near Louisville, Kentucky, on Tuesday.

Ferguson is facing several charges, including burglary, strangulation and terroristic threatening, after he illegally entered a woman’s home on Jan. 2, theSt. Matthews Police Department said in a statement.

“In all our cases, we try to be transparent with the public and media,” the police department said in a statement, according to WHAS11, a local news outlet. “Given the sensitive nature of domestic violence incidents and the fact this is still an open investigation, we are restricted in the details which can be released regarding the circumstances and information about the victims.”

In court documents obtained by WHAS11, the woman told police that Ferguson began yelling at her and punched the walls before he wrapped his hands around her neck.

The woman said she lost consciousness during the attack and alleged that when she woke up, she saw Ferguson rip off her shorts. Police said Ferguson also took the woman’s credit card, debit card and ID before leaving her home.

The woman was granted an emergency protection order against Ferguson following the

Food Networks

Tiverton restaurant back in the spotlight on new Food Network show

TIVERTON – This past fall, Food Network crews craving a seafood feast were back in Tiverton.

Now, celebrity host and restaurateur Guy Fieri’s latest stop at Evelyn’s Drive In will make its small screen debut next week.

The Mayor of Flavortown first journeyed to the Tiverton seafood spot over 15 years ago, spotlighting Evelyn’s in a Season 2 episode of his popular TV series “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

Fare at the waterfront summer destination was deemed so memorable, it warranted the Food Network star’s return visit this past September for his spinoff series “Triple D Nation,” in which Fieri circles back to some of his favorite restaurants previously featured on “Diners, Drive -Ins and Dives.”

Triple D Nation:Celebrity chef Guy Fieri returns for seconds at Evelyn’s Drive-in in Tiverton

Fieri and his crew filmed the upcoming Evelyn’s segment Sept. 15 during a mini tour of Rhode Island, which also included stops at Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar in Narragansett and Italian Corner in East Providence.

That footage will be included in Season 5, Episode 12 of “Triple D Nation” titled “From Steak to Seafood,” slated to air Friday, Feb. 9, at 9 pm on the Food Network.

Evelyn's Drive In on Main Road in Tiverton, RI


Healthy Food

Women in their 50s can burn belly fat by avoiding a dieting trend that is ‘never healthy’

Menopause is a transition period in a woman’s life when her period ceases, causing a significant metabolic upheaval.

As healthy aging and menopause garner more and more interest in science, researchers are uncovering new ways to approach weight loss in your 50s. Their findings indicate that dieting trends like undereating may not be a sustainable solution.

Fluctuations in hormones can have a significant impact on the way the body stores fat during menopause, resulting in a middle-aged spread that affects many women.

Scientific advances have found certain food groups like carbohydrates essential for helping women navigate hormonal shifts during menopause.

Woman drinking eating

Cutting out carbohydrates could hinder efforts to lose weight


Ekam Grewal, PT & Director of Body by Ekam, warns GB News readers that cutting out entire food groups is ill-advised for menopausal women.

“It’s never healthy or sustainable to cut out food groups such as carbohydrates for a long period of time,” explained the expert.

The reasons for this are wide-ranging. Firstly, bone health declines around menopause due to a fall of estrogen, and carbohydrates are essential for the metabolism of bones.

The British Menopause Society adds: “It’s essential that menopausal women consume carbohydrates, especially while increasing physical activity


These Chattanooga restaurants loom large in memory, recipe requests

March 5, 2024 at 8:00 pm

Staff File Photo / Workers with Victory Sign Industries remove the Town and Country Restaurant sign after the closing of the restaurant in 2005. The site at Frazier Avenue and Cherokee Boulevard is now a Walgreens.

One of Colleen Fehn’s favorite stories from her years in the restaurant business with her husband, Don, is the memory of a couple’s anniversary celebration at their Fehn’s 1891 House in Dayton, Tennessee.

(READ MORE: Fehn’s 1891 House restaurant to close its doors for good)

“This elderly couple told me they ate dinner on their wedding night at Fehn’s in Fountain Square (which was open 1948-1958). They were staying in the Read House and had walked up the hill for dinner. For their 60th anniversary they wanted to ate at Fehn’s again, so they came to Dayton for their anniversary,” she recalls.

Restaurants hold places of nostalgic importance for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, promotions and other life celebrations. They are warm memories kept alive through family and online reminiscences, along with requests for favorite recipes from beloved dining spots.



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Food News

[POPULER FOOD] 5 Drinks High in Sugar

KOMPAS.com – This type of high-sugar drink is included in one of the most widely read news stories on Food Kompas.com from 22-24 August 2023.

Apart from that, other news that has also received attention is related to the sweet iced tea franchise in Indonesia.

Two news stories are among the five most popular news related to the benefits of papaya and the recipe for fried eggs in oyster sauce.

For more details, here are the most popular news Food Kompas.com from August 22-24, 2023.

Also read:

1. Five high-sugar drinks that should be avoided, including sweet iced tea

A number of drinks contain high levels of sugar so they should not be consumed too often. The daily sugar consumption limit is 50 grams.

Some drinks contain half of the daily sugar requirement. High sugar triggers several diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Check out the list of high-sugar drinks here.

2. Six Sweet Ice Tea Franchise Brands, Capital Starting from IDR 1 Million

The sweet iced tea business is busy in Jabodetabek. Prices start from IDR 3,000 per glass.

A number of sweet iced tea brands offer partner or franchise packages with prices starting from IDR 1


Cancer fundraiser a ‘winning recipe’

The community showed up in droves to support the Southern Africa Animal Cancer Association’s (SAACA) Lace-Up for Cancer fundraiser at the Wild Coast Sun last Saturday morning.

Monica Govender (left), Radha Naidoo, Vanessa Stephen wore pink tutus to show their support.

It kicked off at 07:30, as South Coasters embarked on a legacy walk through the open venue.
At the pool area, a morning and afternoon of fun-filled and interactive activities such as aqua zumba, yoga, garden meditation, fusion dance and acupuncture took place.

Sandy Kathrayan Moodley leads the aqua zumba session.

The provincial director of SAACA and event organizer, Madeleine Pretorius, is grateful for the community’s support. She said that people from the UK bought tickets to offer support, although unable to attend. Some 283 tickets were sold, which indicated the success of the event.

Cassi Volkwyn leads the yoga class with a world-class sea view.

SAACA is one of 45 organizations that falls under the Cancer Alliance. The original Lace-Up event took place in Cape Town on February 3, which inspired Madeleine to host one on the South Coast.
“I took on the challenge,” she explained.

Ankia van der Westhuizen (left) and Andruscha Gomes at the activities after
Healthy Food

Cigna, HelloFresh Team Up To Improve Access to Healthy Food

Cigna Healthcare launched a partnership with HelloFresh on Tuesday to expand access to healthy food for those covered by their employer.

Bloomfield, Connecticut-based Cigna Healthcare is the health benefits division of The Cigna Group. The insurer has about 19.5 million members. HelloFreshbased in Berlin, Germany, is a healthy food company that delivers food and recipes to people’s homes.

Through the new partnership, up to 12 million members of Cigna’s employer customers will gain access to HelloFresh’s meals at a discounted rate. Employees can receive e-gift cards, discounted meal kit subscriptions or one-time food box deliveries. Each delivery includes pre-portioned ingredients and steps on how to make the meal. The members can receive these offerings without a HelloFresh subscription.

“This partnership emphasizes the important role that home cooking plays in supporting consumers’ overall health and well-being,” said Adam Kalikow, senior vice president and managing director of meal kits at HelloFresh US, in a statement.

In addition to supporting Cigna’s members, the insurer and HelloFresh are partnering through HelloFresh’s Meals with Meaning program. The program offers free meal kits to those battling food insecurity in local communities.

Cigna chose HelloFresh as a partner because it provides “access to fresh food