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“Rishi Definitely Has More Talent In Cooking”, Says Wife Akshata Murty

Many people read news articles about the upcoming Jakarta Coffee Week 2023.

Check out the most popular news Kompas.com Food edition 28-30 October 2023 in full below.

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1. What is Saute, a cooking technique often mentioned on MasterChef?

Illustration of a wok, wok pan, cooking with a wok pan. SHUTTERSTOCK/IVASHSTUDIO Illustration of a wok, wok pan, cooking with a wok pan.

Saute or stir-frying is cooking in a frying pan, usually a wok, with not too much filling and a high or very hot temperature.

Apart from that, the wok is constantly moved so that all the dishes cook evenly. This cooking technique is often found in Chinese food restaurants.

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2. 10 Legendary Culinary Recommendations at the 2023 Bango Snack Festival

The 2023 Bango Snack Festival (FJB) will be held at Senayan East Parking, Gelora Bung Karno, Central Jakarta, on 27-29 October 2023.

There are 100 culinary legends at FJB 2023 such as


Cheesy Orzo and Spring Salad

Spring has (almost) sprung! To celebrate the impending arrival of the season, celebrity chef, cookbook author and restaurateur Amanda Freitag is visiting the TODAY kitchen to cook up two of her favorite seasonal asparagus recipes. She shows us how to make creamy, cheesy truffled orzo with asparagus and a fresh asparagus salad with mustard vinaigrette.

Cheesy Orzo with Asparagus and Black Truffle Butter


This cheesy, springy recipe has been a fan-favorite ever since I put it on the menu of my restaurant. It’s deceptively simple, and everyone has fun making this decadent dish. It’s sure to become one of your go-to recipes.

Spring Asparagus Salad with Parmesan and Mustard Vinaigrette


This recipe simply celebrates the beautiful union of asparagus and Parmesan cheese. With the addition of the classic mustard vinaigrette, tarragon and diced hard-boiled eggs, the bright yellow yolks bounce off the vibrant asparagus and greens, creating a salad that is perfect for brunch with friends, or as a side to a piece of grilled fish or chicken.

If you like those amazing asparagus recipes, you should also try these:

Asparagus with Prosciutto and Brown Butter

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Grilled Asparagus with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Food News

Gaza: Efforts to deliver food aid to stricken north ‘largely unsuccessful’

The emergency relief agency said that a 14-truck food convoy – the first by WFP since it paused deliveries to northern Gaza on 20 February – was turned back by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) after a three-hour wait at the Wadi Gaza checkpoint .

“Even though today’s convoy did not make it to the north to provide food to the people who are starving, WFP continues to explore every possible means to do so,” said Carl Skau, WFP Deputy Executive Director.

After being turned away, the convoy was rerouted and then stopped by a large crowd of desperate people who looted the food, taking around 200 tonnes from the trucks.

Roads ‘the only option’

The agency also stressed that road routes are the only option to transport large quantities of food needed to avert families in northern Gaza.

Earlier on Tuesday, with the help of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, six tonnes of WFP food supplies for about 20,000 people were dropped for civilians surviving in the north.

Airdrops are a last resort and will not avert famine,”Mr. I’m stressed.

“We need entry points to northern Gaza that will allow us to deliver enough food for

Healthy Food

5 Heart-Healthy Snacks That May Also Be Good For Weight Loss

If you have heart disease, you may consider eliminating snacks from your diet. Snacks often get a reputation for being bad for your body, but some snacking options aren’t just nourishing but also heart-healthy. Making snacks that are healthy for your heart can add more nutrition to your diet, keeping you full and energized for a long time. Instead of consuming snacks that are rich in saturated fats, salt, and sugar and are ultra-processed, consider snacking on whole foods. This can include a whole range of healthy options like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains. What’s more, these snacks are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can improve your overall health and also help you lose those extra pounds. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about 5 heart-healthy snacks that are also good for weight loss.

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Roasted chickpeas are high in fiber and will keep you full for long.

Roasted chickpeas are high in fiber and will keep you full for long.
Photo Credit: iStock

Here Are 5 Heart Healthy Snacks May Also Be Good For Weight Loss:

1. Roasted Chickpeas (Chana)

If you are looking for an easy snack recipe that is good for your heart

Healthy Food

Families in Crisis grateful for healthy donations from Killeen Community Garden

KILLEEN, Texas — Families in Crisis has served more than 700 citizens through their non-profit giving local homeless and domestic violence victims a place to eat and heal.

“We do see a higher disproportionate number of people with diabetes, cholesterol issues, heart disease, blood pressure problems. Good nutrition is a part of healing and we try to do that,” Executive Director Suzanne Armor said.

Armor adds what is normally available through her non-profit comes with a lot of carbs and sugar. With vegetables hard to come by, she’s grateful for the fresh vegetables at the Killeen Community Garden.

“We’ve had squash here, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, okra,” cook Arsean Session said.

The community garden was started in 2008 to educate the public about gardening. There are rows of vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers. The master gardeners have put in 2,400 plus hours of volunteer work to help serve the community. Last year they gave away 8,400 pounds of food through the homeless shelter.

“In the summer months, May June, and July we donate twice a week,” master gardener Dave Slaughter said

Even with the weather jumping from hot to cold and back in recent weeks, the garden has not been

Healthy Food

This is the one protein mistake you need to avoid

Australians wanting to up their protein intake often eat a slab of meat – but dietitian Susie Burrell says this is not the answer.

Do you know how much protein you eat each day? Or, more importantly, do you know how much you need?

As we come to learn more about the importance of protein, especially when it comes to helping to optimize metabolism as we move through our 30s, 40s and beyond, we also come to understand that sitting down to a decent piece of meat or chicken at dinner will simply not cut it.

Rather, not only do most of us need greater amounts of high-quality protein in our diet throughout the day, but how and when we consume this protein is a lot more important than previously thought.

10 of the best protein bars, rated by nutritionists

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What is protein?

Protein is one of the three key macronutrients, the others being fat and carbohydrate. Protein can be found in both plant and animal foods, including whole grains, legumes, dairy, eggs and meat and the main difference is that animal-based proteins contain all the amino acids or building blocks of protein. This

Food Networks

Memphis soul food queen celebrates 3rd Food Network appearance

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Customers of Alcenia’s World Famous Soul Food gathered for a Food Network watch party Friday night.

Owner BJ Tamayo made his Double Decker Fish Sandwich for Guy Fieri’s Triple D Nation. It’s Tamayo’s second appearance on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

The Memphis soul food legend has also competed on the popular show “Chopped.”

Tamayo points to The Double Decker Fish Sandwich in her cookbook. WREG photo.
Tamayo’s wall of fame at Alcenia’s on North Main. WREG photo.

“They came back on November 23, Triple D Nation. “It’s where they come back and see how the business is since they had been there the last time,” said Tamayo.

Alcenia’s opened in the Pinch District 26 years ago and is known for having some of the best soul food in Memphis, but Tamayo says the Food Network really put her on the map.

“It’s all over the world now. “So for people to be able to see you from all over the world and to have customers come from all over the world,” said Tamayo. “I just need Memphis to come out more. I have more people from out of Memphis than


1 ingredient 3 ways: How ‘Top Chef’ stars Gail Simmons, Tom Colicchio and Kristen Kish cook with cheese doodles

As 15 rising star chefs and James Beard nominees from across the country got ready for the season 21 “Top Chef” premiere, the show’s new host and two veteran judges joined “Good Morning America” ​​to show off their own culinary chops.

This year, the Emmy Award-winning series, which challenges chefs to push their culinary skills and creativity to the limits in an array of competitions, is set in America’s dairy land — Wisconsin.

To celebrate one of the nation’s largest dairy producers, season 10 winner-turned-host Kristen Kish, along with judges Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio, each created a recipe to honor an iconic American snack: cheese doodles.

“Oh there will be cheese — we did a cheese fest it was actually really cool,” Colicchio hinted at what to expect this season.

Kish, who cooked the dessert course for “GMA” with a sweet and salty sundae, said being it’s “so much better” being a host vs. a chef testant this year. “I love sitting next to them and spending the days with Tom and Gail.”

PHOTO: Gail Simmons, Kristen Kish, Tom Colicchio of Top Chef Season 21.

Gail Simmons, Kristen Kish, Tom Colicchio of Top Chef Season 21.

Stephanie Diani/Bravo via Getty

Check out their full recipes below that incorporate a serving of

Healthy Food

How Students Can Develop a Healthy Relationship With Food — Syracuse University News

When students begin their Syracuse University journeys, not only are they beginning their professional pursuits, they’re also in charge of what they eat and when they eat—a new experience for many students. Routine home-cooked meals are replaced with busy, varied schedules and a plethora of choices in the University’s dining halls.

It’s a big change for students, one that, if not handled properly, could set them up for a lifetime of potentially unhealthy decisions involving food.

A woman poses for a headshot in front of a plant.

Deirdre Smith-Howard

Thankfully, for students who are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with food, the Barnes Center at The Arch employs two registered dietitian nutritionists: Deirdre Smith-Howard and Kristin Douglas G’04, who have plenty of advice for students to develop healthy eating tendencies from their first day on campus.

“It’s a big transition for students. The change can bring both excitement and challenges. Many students are leaving home routines where there may have been more structure around meals. Students are now responsible for their own schedules and carving out time for meals. “If students are not prioritizing meals, it can be easy to fall into bad habits where they may be skipping meals or eating out more frequently,” Smith-Howard says.

“There is so