FDHealthy FoodComedian’s Reel On Cravings After Eating Healthy Has The Internet In Splits
FDHealthy FoodComedian’s Reel On Cravings After Eating Healthy Has The Internet In Splits
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Comedian’s Reel On Cravings After Eating Healthy Has The Internet In Splits

Comedian's Reel On Cravings After Eating Healthy Has Internet In Splits, Farah Khan Reacts

A video on unhealthy food cravings has gone viral (Photo Credit: Instagram/ gauravkpoor_)

For many foodies, following a healthy diet consistently can be a big challenge. Substituting our favorite snacks and indulgent ingredients with more nutritious alternatives takes a lot of perseverance. Furthermore, getting used to the taste of the healthier dishes also takes some time. When trying to eat healthier, many of us grapple with cravings and are tempted to return to our old habits. A recent reel related to this topic by comedian Gaurav Kapoor has received a lot of interest online. The now-viral video has clocked more than 18 million views on Instagram so far.

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In the reel, Gaurav can be seen talking to someone off-camera, who is meant to fulfill the role of a server at a restaurant. Gaurav spells out his orders for certain types of food and drink, while the text on the video tells us what has triggered his cravings. For example, “after drinking almond milk coffee for two days,” he asks for coffee with milk that is full cream and full fat. Not almond milk or any other such alternative would do. As a sweetener, he says he doesn’t want jaggery or maple syrup. Rather, he requests “anti-food farmer, white processed sugar”.

“After eating millet noodles once,” he is seen ordering a veg Manchurian with noodles that are specifically made of maida (refined flour). He also asks for Ajinomoto to be added to the dish and provided on the side for “taste”. Furthermore, he insists that the Manchurian be red in color. He explains that they don’t have to necessarily use edible colors, but “water colors would also do”.

“After eating quinoa beans bowl once”, he is seen ordering “white processed rice” with a layer of rajma on top. He says that the beans should be polished, not organic. “Nothing from farm to me. Farm to pesticide to factory and after tasty processing then to me”.

As part of his bit titled “Green Tea After Effects,” he asks for “brown colored chai” with milk and sugar.

Watch the complete video below:

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The video has taken the internet by storm, sparking a range of reactions online. Many people have found it very relatable. The comment section has remarks from several well-known personalities and brands. Bollywood star Farah Khan wrote, “I HEAR UUUUU.”

Netflix India commented, “This is the Joey energy I’m entering March with.”

Celebrity chef Anahita Dhondy said, “I need to make you try millet noodles for this to changeeeeee.”

Check out some of the other reactions below:

“This is clarity. Love it.”

“That emotion while asking for ‘chaaai, brown color wali chaai’.”

“This video needs to break the internet.”

“Please add a dash of burnt sienna acrylic color to your ‘Brown color wali chai’ for a beautiful earthy texture. God bless you!”

“Already waiting for part 2 of this.”

What do you think of this viral video? Let us know in our comment section below.

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