FDTag: healthy food near me
FDTag: healthy food near me

Tag: healthy food near me

Healthy Food

For a healthy fruit snack, what would you choose?

dried fruit

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Next time you’re packing lunch for your kid or reaching for a healthy afternoon bite, consider this: only three types of fruit snacks—dried fruit, fruit puree and canned fruit with juice—meet the latest recommendations for high-nutrition snacks set by federal dietary guidelines, according to research by University of Massachusetts Amherst food scientists.

Of all the commercially available fruit snacks, defined by the USDA as “products made with fruit and fruit juices, which may or may not contain added sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives,” the UMass Amherst team found that dried fruit has the best overall nutritional profile—the highest nutrient density and fiber content, and the lowest added sugar.

Conversely, fruit-flavored snacks such as gummies have the lowest nutrient density and fiber content and the highest amount of added sugar. Other fruit snack options with low nutrient density include canned fruit packed in something other than juice, and dried flavored fruit, both of which contain higher amounts of added sugar.

The food comparison study, led by food scientists Amanda Kinchla, extension professor, and Alissa Nolden, assistant professor, was published recently in the journal Nutrients.

While eating a piece of fresh fruit is undoubtedly the

Healthy Food

Families in Crisis grateful for healthy donations from Killeen Community Garden

KILLEEN, Texas — Families in Crisis has served more than 700 citizens through their non-profit giving local homeless and domestic violence victims a place to eat and heal.

“We do see a higher disproportionate number of people with diabetes, cholesterol issues, heart disease, blood pressure problems. Good nutrition is a part of healing and we try to do that,” Executive Director Suzanne Armor said.

Armor adds what is normally available through her non-profit comes with a lot of carbs and sugar. With vegetables hard to come by, she’s grateful for the fresh vegetables at the Killeen Community Garden.

“We’ve had squash here, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, okra,” cook Arsean Session said.

The community garden was started in 2008 to educate the public about gardening. There are rows of vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers. The master gardeners have put in 2,400 plus hours of volunteer work to help serve the community. Last year they gave away 8,400 pounds of food through the homeless shelter.

“In the summer months, May June, and July we donate twice a week,” master gardener Dave Slaughter said

Even with the weather jumping from hot to cold and back in recent weeks, the garden has not been

Healthy Food

This is the one protein mistake you need to avoid

Australians wanting to up their protein intake often eat a slab of meat – but dietitian Susie Burrell says this is not the answer.

Do you know how much protein you eat each day? Or, more importantly, do you know how much you need?

As we come to learn more about the importance of protein, especially when it comes to helping to optimize metabolism as we move through our 30s, 40s and beyond, we also come to understand that sitting down to a decent piece of meat or chicken at dinner will simply not cut it.

Rather, not only do most of us need greater amounts of high-quality protein in our diet throughout the day, but how and when we consume this protein is a lot more important than previously thought.

10 of the best protein bars, rated by nutritionists

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What is protein?

Protein is one of the three key macronutrients, the others being fat and carbohydrate. Protein can be found in both plant and animal foods, including whole grains, legumes, dairy, eggs and meat and the main difference is that animal-based proteins contain all the amino acids or building blocks of protein. This

Healthy Food

Cigna, HelloFresh Team Up To Improve Access to Healthy Food

Cigna Healthcare launched a partnership with HelloFresh on Tuesday to expand access to healthy food for those covered by their employer.

Bloomfield, Connecticut-based Cigna Healthcare is the health benefits division of The Cigna Group. The insurer has about 19.5 million members. HelloFreshbased in Berlin, Germany, is a healthy food company that delivers food and recipes to people’s homes.

Through the new partnership, up to 12 million members of Cigna’s employer customers will gain access to HelloFresh’s meals at a discounted rate. Employees can receive e-gift cards, discounted meal kit subscriptions or one-time food box deliveries. Each delivery includes pre-portioned ingredients and steps on how to make the meal. The members can receive these offerings without a HelloFresh subscription.

“This partnership emphasizes the important role that home cooking plays in supporting consumers’ overall health and well-being,” said Adam Kalikow, senior vice president and managing director of meal kits at HelloFresh US, in a statement.

In addition to supporting Cigna’s members, the insurer and HelloFresh are partnering through HelloFresh’s Meals with Meaning program. The program offers free meal kits to those battling food insecurity in local communities.

Cigna chose HelloFresh as a partner because it provides “access to fresh food