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Kyrgyz cooking masterclass spreads important message of salt reduction

The renowned restaurant “Zerno” in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is usually packed with locals and families having dinner, appreciating its delicious cuisine and alcohol-free offerings. But on 2 November, it attracted 15 local journalists and over 600 online attendants as it hosted an exceptional culinary masterclass with an important message.

The cooking masterclass was part of a national information campaign to promote healthier lifestyles and increase awareness about the dangers of excessive salt intake. Dr Liviu Vedrasco, WHO Representative to Kyrgyzstan, and Bybyjan Arykbaeva, Deputy Minister of Health for Kyrgyzstan, both teamed up with chef Akbar in the restaurant’s kitchen. The participants cooked succulent dishes using only traditional and common ingredients, demonstrating that rich flavors do not depend on salt.

Opening the doors to a universe of low-salt culinary art, chef Akbar guides guests in the skillful preparation of salads and a delicious, local chicken dish simply using ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, olive oil and onions, along with herbs and spices.

Creative cooking for better health

The national information campaign on reduced salt intake ran from 30 October to 6 November, spreading the message about all the health benefits that follow reduced salt consumption. According to WHO recommendations, salt intake