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Why Is Her Pop-Tarts Recipe Trending?

Fans are asking why Taylor Swift‘s pop-tarts recipe is trending. They are also wondering what that recipe is. Here is all you need to know.

What is Taylor Swift’s pop-tarts recipe?

Taylor Swift’s pop-tarts recipe is not yet known as of this writing. However, the recipe is reportedly homemade.

As reported by People Magazine, the whole trend revolving around Taylor Swift’s pop tarts started with a recent episode of NFL on NBC. There, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid revealed to show hosts Mike Florio and Chris Simms how the 34-year-old All Too Well singer surprised the team with her homemade pop tarts during the season, saying:

“Kind of behind-the-scenes, she, to fit in — she didn’t even know she was doing this, I don’t think — she likes to cook, so she made the offensive linemen homemade Pop-Tarts,”

Florio and Simms were delighted to hear of Taylor Swift’s apparent kindness to the team her boyfriend Travis Kelce plays for. The duo then joked that the singer-songwriter “knew where to go.”

The two show hosts then asked Andy Reid whether he got any pop-tarts from Taylor Swift. The coach revealed that he did not give him any and the


I make my own Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch dupe at home – just use ‘mommy’s special sauce’ with my secret ingredient

A TACO Bell fan has shared her homemade dupe recipe for the Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

To bring all the flavors together, she unveiled her “Mommy’s special sauce.”

McKenna showed off her homemade Taco Bell Gordita Crunch dupe


McKenna showed off her homemade Taco Bell Gordita Crunch dupeCredit: TikTok/mckennaiseating
She explained that her take on the taco included her secret sauce


She explained that her take on the taco included her secret sauceCredit: TikTok/mckennaiseating

McKenna (@mckennaiseating) shared the Taco Bell dupe recipe in a TikTok video.

To start, she cooked a flour tortilla, added cheddar cheese on top, and heated it until the cheese was properly melted.

Next, take her choice of tostadas and break it in half with her hands.

“You can use a regular crunchy taco shell, whatever you’d like, but something crunchy,” she said.

“This is what I do, I lay it on the two halves.”

For protein, she added a layer of taco meat, spreading it out over one-half of the shell halves and tortilla.

The secret ingredient was her homemade sauce, which she dubbed “Mommy’s Special Sauce.”

“It’s mayo, sour cream, garlic powder, chili powder, salt, and the secret ingredient is jalapeno juice from pickled jalapenos,” she revealed.

On the other half of the tortilla with no meat, she dumped a healthy helping of