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FDTag: food news articles

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Minimum Temperature Rise Can Cut Frozen Food Emissions

“Frozen food standards have not been updated in almost a century, and they are long overdue for revision.”

– Maha AlQattan

Group chief sustainability officer

DP World

Most frozen food is transported and stored at -18°C (0°F), a standard that was set 93 years ago and has not changed since. Research now suggests that moving to -15°C (5°F) could make a significant environmental impact with no compromise on food safety or quality.

The experts, from the Paris-based International Institute of Refrigeration, the University of Birmingham, and London South Bank University, among others, found that the small change could:

  • Save 17.7 million metric tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent annual emissions of 3.8 million cars annually;
  • Create energy savings of around 25 terawatt-hours (TW/h), equivalent to 8.63% of the United Kingdom’s annual energy consumption; and
  • Cut costs in the supply chain by at least 5% and in some areas by up to 12%.

The research was supported by the leading global logistics firm and principal partner in COP28, DP World, which has set up an industry-wide coalition to explore the feasibility of this change, named Join the Move to -15°C. This coalition aims to