FDTag: healthy food for women
FDTag: healthy food for women

Tag: healthy food for women

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How Students Can Develop a Healthy Relationship With Food — Syracuse University News

When students begin their Syracuse University journeys, not only are they beginning their professional pursuits, they’re also in charge of what they eat and when they eat—a new experience for many students. Routine home-cooked meals are replaced with busy, varied schedules and a plethora of choices in the University’s dining halls.

It’s a big change for students, one that, if not handled properly, could set them up for a lifetime of potentially unhealthy decisions involving food.

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Deirdre Smith-Howard

Thankfully, for students who are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with food, the Barnes Center at The Arch employs two registered dietitian nutritionists: Deirdre Smith-Howard and Kristin Douglas G’04, who have plenty of advice for students to develop healthy eating tendencies from their first day on campus.

“It’s a big transition for students. The change can bring both excitement and challenges. Many students are leaving home routines where there may have been more structure around meals. Students are now responsible for their own schedules and carving out time for meals. “If students are not prioritizing meals, it can be easy to fall into bad habits where they may be skipping meals or eating out more frequently,” Smith-Howard says.

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