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FDTag: mean cook meaning

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Crews respond to cooking oil spill on busy Gaston Co. highway

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) – Crews responded to a reported cooking oil spill on Highway 321 in Gaston County on Monday morning, officials confirmed.

Gaston County Communications said the spill happened on the southbound side just north of the I-85 interchange.

Representatives with Emergency Management and Fire Services say that 500 gallons were spilled. The oil ran down for “several miles” before congealing into what officials describe as a lard-like substance.

Cleanup started around 3:30 am and lasted for several hours.

“This type of cleanup isn’t like a diesel fuel where it will eventually evaporate,” Emergency Management and Fire Services Director Scott Hunter Sr. said. “We’re asking residents using this road to be aware that the road will be slick and any rapid acceleration or deceleration may result in a vehicle fishtailing.”

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Local chef shares freezer meals that are perfect for batch cooking

TODAY is National Frozen Food Day. The day recognizes the benefits that freezing fruits, vegetables and meats to preserve them has on our modern lives.

To celebrate the day each year, on March 6, people take a look at how frozen food impacts our daily lives, the history of frozen food and how far the practice has come.

We spoke to local chef Karyn Smith about frozen food ideas that people can make.

Pigs in Blankets – a porkie, bacon, mushrooms, cheese and spring onion mash wrapped inside pastry.

She said one of her favorites is Pigs in Blankets as they are yummy and easy to freeze.

“You can make a bulk batch and freeze it for quick dinners with gravy and veg or just a lunchbox treat.

“The latest version I made was with bacon, mushrooms, cheese, spring onion mash and a porkie wrapped in homemade or easy store-bought puff pastry.”

With Pigs in Blankets, Smith says you can use anything as a filling for a quick and easy puff.

“Leftover roast chicken and gravy is also a delicious version.”

The chef said she has a freezer full of frozen meals and sells them as a sideline business in