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Besides the e-Power system, the SUV can be had with a 1.3 litre turbocharged inline-four petrol unit augmented by a 12-volt mild hybrid system. This engine has outputs of either 140 PS and 240 Nm or 158 PS and 270 Nm), paired with either a six-speed manual or CVT – all-wheel drive is optionally available. Meanwhile, the digital instrument cluster will change the design of the dials relying on the chosen drive mode, with Sport making them purple, green in Eco or grey in standard mode. If you like much less distractions, there’s additionally a “minimal” mode, with e-Power-equipped models having an addition power move show. To further help the motive force, there’s also an “invisible hood view” that permits the position of the front wheels to be seen as if taking a look at them from just behind. Adding to the AVM’s capabilities is Parking Spot Location Memory which allows the driver to save tons of frequently visited parking places so the car utilizing GPS.

Below we summarize the top three things we were not anticipating throughout our test drive. When Porsche got down to produce its first electrical car it had to be sure that it went about …