FDFood News[POPULER FOOD] 5 Drinks High in Sugar
FDFood News[POPULER FOOD] 5 Drinks High in Sugar
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[POPULER FOOD] 5 Drinks High in Sugar

KOMPAS.com – This type of high-sugar drink is included in one of the most widely read news stories on Food Kompas.com from 22-24 August 2023.

Apart from that, other news that has also received attention is related to the sweet iced tea franchise in Indonesia.

Two news stories are among the five most popular news related to the benefits of papaya and the recipe for fried eggs in oyster sauce.

For more details, here are the most popular news Food Kompas.com from August 22-24, 2023.

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1. Five high-sugar drinks that should be avoided, including sweet iced tea

A number of drinks contain high levels of sugar so they should not be consumed too often. The daily sugar consumption limit is 50 grams.

Some drinks contain half of the daily sugar requirement. High sugar triggers several diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Check out the list of high-sugar drinks here.

2. Six Sweet Ice Tea Franchise Brands, Capital Starting from IDR 1 Million

The sweet iced tea business is busy in Jabodetabek. Prices start from IDR 3,000 per glass.

A number of sweet iced tea brands offer partner or franchise packages with prices starting from IDR 1 million. Check out the following selection of six sweet iced tea franchise brands.

Learn more about sweet iced tea franchise brands here.

3. Five Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health, Not Only Good for Digestion

Illustration of rotten papaya fruit for making MOLShutterstock/kathrinerajalingam Illustration of rotten papaya fruit for making MOL

Papaya is known as the fruit of the angels because it has many health benefits.

Papaya tastes generally sweet and has a thick to mushy texture, depending on the level of ripeness.

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Papaya has benefits for losing weight and maintaining lung health.

Check out the following five benefits of papaya fruit.

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