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Imported strawberries infected with hepatitis « Euro Weekly News

Strawberries: health alert. Credit: Kyle McDonald/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Strawberries imported into Spain from Morocco have been seized after they were discovered to be infected with hepatitis A.

Recently, a disturbing discovery was made when a batch of strawberries from Morocco, found to be contaminated with hepatitis A, was intercepted upon its arrival in Spain.

The event unfolded on Wednesday, March 6 when Juanma Moreno, the President of the Regional Government of Andalucia, voiced his concerns.

He urged the Spanish Government to tighten border inspections after the contaminated strawberries entered Spain through the port of Algeciras.

Immediate action prevents distribution

Authorities acted swiftly. ‘The news so far is reassuring in the sense that, once the distributor has been located, it tells us that they have not been marketed,’ Moreno stated.

The distributor, based in Sevilla, along with the importer from Huelva, was identified efficiently. Thankfully they confirmed that the strawberries had not reached the market.

This rapid response ensured the traceability of the product was established in record time, less than 24 hours after the initial alert was received on Monday afternoon.

Calls for stricter controls at borders

Moreno highlighted the failure in customs

Food News

[POPULER FOOD] 5 Drinks High in Sugar

KOMPAS.com – This type of high-sugar drink is included in one of the most widely read news stories on Food Kompas.com from 22-24 August 2023.

Apart from that, other news that has also received attention is related to the sweet iced tea franchise in Indonesia.

Two news stories are among the five most popular news related to the benefits of papaya and the recipe for fried eggs in oyster sauce.

For more details, here are the most popular news Food Kompas.com from August 22-24, 2023.

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