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FDTag: culinary recipes with pictures

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How to season and care for cast iron cookware

DOVER – That old, dusty, rusty-looking cast iron skillet from Grandma’s house just might be worth saving after all.

Corinna Gromley and Kate Shumaker, educators from The Ohio State University Extension Tuscarawas County, recently hosted Cooking in Cast Iron at the Dover Public Library, in which topics such as proper selection, care, tips and tricks were covered.

Corinna Gromley, an educator with The Ohio State University Extension, talks about proper care for cast iron cookware, at the Dover Public Library.

There are many types of cast iron from which to select depending on your cooking needs, wants, and desires. It all depends on where you are going to be cooking, what you plan to cook, and for how many people, Gromely said as she led the class through a discussion about various examples of cookware on display.

Various types of cast iron cookware were on display during a Cooking in Cast Iron class led by Corinna Gromley and Kate Shumaker, educators from The Ohio State University Extension Tuscarawas County.

While contemporary cast iron is still in production by companies such as Lodge and Le Creuset, the lion’s share still in use was likely produced by smaller independent, early 20th century regional forges in the United States. You’ve likely seen them in thrift stores, antique stores, swap meets, or even someone’s home, and wondered, ‘Can I use those?’

Quite literally anything can be cooked on a cast iron surface, from bacon and eggs to stews and even breads – it’s not called a Dutch Oven for


International Women’s Day 2024: 9 Female Chefs in India Who are Cooking a Storm

Home chefs

From left to right: Anuradha Joshi Medhora, Surabhi Bhandari, Marina Balakrishnan and Preetanjali PasariPic credit: Instagram

We have often heard that a woman’s place is in the kitchen! We always expect the women in our lives to cook food for us. Be it our sister, mother, daughter or wife, we always expect them to listen to our food cravings and run to the kitchen to make the food. Cooking is often considered a household chore. However, there are several women who turned this household chore into a profession and now are famous for making tasty and delicious meals. These women are now home chefs who are successfully running their kitchen and serving people with delicious and traditional cuisine.

1. Butterfingers by Preetanjali

Butterfingers By Preetanjali is a Kolkata-based Patisserie, and is run and owned by chef Preetanjali Pasari. It specializes in naked cakes, healthy cookies, macarons, granola and other desserts. Nestled between their light and springy sponges are a hand-picked selection of ingredients that range from fresh seasonal fruits and premium, imported cheeses and berries, to home-grown edible flowers, micro-greens, honey, lemons and so much more. Last year, Butterfingers by Preetanjali launched a monsoon menu and used seasonal fruits, berries,


Heritage Players cooking up a mystery at Braham Event Center | News

The Pine City Heritage Players are no strangers to trying new things — new scripts, new costumes, new set pieces.

But this month, the community theater is experiencing two firsts at the same time: a dinner theater and a director known more for acting with the Heritage Players than leading the charge.

The theater will debut its dinner theater at 6 pm on March 8 and 9 at the Braham Event Center, with an interactive mystery appropriately called “Murder on the Menu.” A dessert show will be served up at 2 pm on March 10.

Dawn Carpenter, president of the theater’s board of directors, said doing a dinner theater had been cooking for some time.

“This is our first adventure out of this community and our first collaboration with the Braham Event Center, which we’re really excited about,” Carpenter said. “We’ve been wanting to do a dinner theater for a while, and there really hasn’t been a venue in this area that could support it. So we thought, well, let’s move out and try it in another community and bring Pine City Heritage Players to another community to try to spread that theater experience, so we’re really excited to try