FDTag: healthy food to eat
FDTag: healthy food to eat

Tag: healthy food to eat

Healthy Food

Eating healthily can save a family of four $150 at the checkout a fortnight, research finds

Eating healthily can be less expensive than the unhealthy diet many Australians currently live on, a new study has found.

A regional Victorian hospital’s health promotion unit has shown that by following the recommended Australian Dietary Guidelines, families can save $150 at the checkout a fortnight.

And that’s without needing to buy expensive items from the heath food aisle.

But it does involve wheeling the trolley past national favorites like sausages and beer, wine and preserved meats, fruit juice, sweet snacks and muesli bars.

The study took a trolley to the supermarket aisles to test the affordability of the Australian Dietary Guidelines, comparing the cost of the recommended diet to what an average Australian family buys and eats a fortnight.

The health food aisle at a chain supermarket with superfoods for sale.

Ancient grains and superfoods are great but not essential for a healthy diet.(ABC South West Victoria: Emily Bissland)

‘Back to basics’

The study